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If you prefer, you can enjoy our a la carte dishes, always with top quality products (The entrance to the show is not included at these prices)

Mixed salad with vegetables, fruits and goat cheese: 13€

Spanish omelette: 14€

Iberian ham: 16€

Chistorra (fresh sausage made with ground pork): 12€

Seafood Cocktail: 15€

Platter 6 cheeses with marmalade: 14€

Spinach & ricotta lasagne: 15€

Pumpkin & ricotta ravioli: 15€

Paella: 15€

Moussaka: 12€

Smoky grilled vegetables: 14€

Garlic shrimp: 15€

Apple – Almond Chicken: 15€

Kebap Halal with rice: 15€

Squids Stew: 15€

Ragout: 15€

* The pasta is homemade and everything is prepared with fresh and natural products  

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