Tablao La Quimera lessons, where we offer an initiation to Flamenco through dance, have a theoretical and practical approach. You will discover how the rich Flamenco culture started to develop, from its purests early forms as far as records go. You will also be introduced to the most outstanding personalities in the world of Flamenco, who became points of reference and models and from whom Flamenco artists and dancers learn, through a comprehensive research into those who were there before them. During the first hour of class, there will be a viewing session, where you can learn the main aspects to consider if you want to understand Flamenco through its different art forms, namely voice, guitar and dance, as well as through its origins as far as records go, dating from the time when Flamenco was a budding art. After a general overview of the different Flamenco styles, we will move on to the practical session. We will start by learning the moves that permit Flamenco dancers to express themselves through their hands, arms, or their whole body. We will try to grasp the language the body can speak. In addition, we will learn how to do the tapping with our feet (zapateado), to play with the beat, and to accent the percussive effect of the footwork. Finally, there will be a brief presentation and we’ll dance Flamenco using some of the accessories that can be seen on stage, such as flamenco fans, Manila shawls, canes and castanets. FLAMENCO ART SPACE

Flamenco lessons’ prices (It includes a gift) :

1 person 40€

2-3 people 23€ per person

4-10 people 18€ per person

11-20 people15€ per person * Classes should be booked at least 24h in advance.


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