Tablao flamenco

We present a real flamenco with the singing voice, guitar music, hand-clapping rhythms and dance. We refrain from using those technologies that did not exist in the XIX century, the time when FLAMENCO was real because voice, guitars, clapping and dancing was all there was. We do not use microphones to help vocals and guitar. Our artists need to put a big effort in their performance and help themselves with natural tools. We do not use drum boxes, for they conceal eventual mistakes in dancing. We do not use violins, nor flutes, nor decorations, nor any other flashy effects.

The only two ingredients we use in our recipe are heart and soul and the complete surrender of the artists to their craft. They have no script, they use no given structure. Improvisation, emotion, feelings, that thing we call “duende” (inspiration), one-on-one flamenco, those are the things that matter here. Just someone who performs and someone else who watches, like director Peter Brook would say.

We want to give flamenco back to the people, without charging abusive fees nor any other business surplus value. We want for every person, young or old, who can only afford to go the cinema, to be able to afford good flamenco for the same price. Flamenco should not be affordable only for a lucky minority.